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Hello peeps.
We are an ideas based creative studio, at the heart of our work is a philosophy to stimulate the end user at every opportunity, this in turn add's value to your organisation by increasing brand love. We are an ideas based creative studio... one more time - we are an ideas based creative studio. We add value to business and organisations. We do social media campaigns, websites, ad campaigns and branding.

For 22 years we have been adding brand love to businesses from Alicia Keys to Yahoo! (discount rates apply if your organisation starts with a Z)

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Different Dog; click to view more images

#01 Creating a new food brand

Different Dog - bringing wholesome dog-food to the top end of the market


The challenge

How do you persuade dog owners to buy food that is probably better than the food they eat themselves.


The solution

The quality of the food sells itself - so we could concentrate on giving the brand a hand made feel - just like the food, so we went for a hand-woodcut feel.


What we produced

• Website UX design.

• Creative brand strategy, logo development,

look & feel, original illustration.

• Packaging design.

• Bespoke typeface design and design templates.

•Descriptor Video. (see right)

Different Dog explainer video; click to view

MEC Tonic;click to view more images

#02 Bringing new ideas to market

MEC Tonic - creative brand identity design for WPP


The challenge

The world's largest advertising and marketing group approached Alphabetclub for bespoke branding for a new spin-off company that brings to market new digital companies and ideas. We needed the new company to 'speak' with the same tone of voice as those it dealt with.


The solution

We went for a visual language that references Harmonic Resonance - as MEC Tonic is a metaphor for it, in physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.

What we produced

• Website design and build.

• Creative brand strategy, including logo development, look & feel, original illustration

• 256p printed awards book, banners, invites, certificates and posters.

• Social media integration

Case studies...

Advertising Association; click to view more images

#03 Advertising for advertisers

Advertising Association - advertising creative and design


The challenge

Probably the most prestigious project have ever taken on - an ad campaign for advertisers' own trade body, the Advertising Association. The aim was to encourage the brightest young cock-sure advertising minds to go on a training course and learn from the advertising gods...gulp! and it was their 50th Anniversary Year... double-gulp!


The solution

We just kept it simple and not too cryptic, the advertising community like their messages quick and simple, the client loved it and we're on board for this year too.


What we did

• Brochure and leaflets.

• Press ads - to go in Campaign ( the advertising trade magazine)

• Supporting digital media.

• Social media integration and support.

• Logo development and original illustrations.

• Copywriting and advertising creative

You can view more work on our 'work' page

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Uni of Cambridge click to view more images

#04 Bio-tech start-up brand launch

Psyomics: A Cambridge University bio-tech spin-off new brand launch


The challenge

Psyomics develop proteomic diagnostics to improve early diagnosis and treatment outcomes for those with neuropsychiatric disorders - got that? Such world changing science required a great branding solution to reflect the science. 


The solution

We kept it clean, contemporary and intriguing - and the wanted investors piled in their droves.


What we did

• Logo development - and look and feel.

• Packaging design.

• Easily understood icon based language.

• Literature and presentation template design.

• Website design.

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We create Graphic Design, advertising campaigns and creative communictions

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Dentsu Aegis; Idea Jam click to view more images

#05 Bringing global thinking together

IdeaJam - global creativity forum


The challenge

Dentsu Aegis Network's workforce of 35,000 is strung over the globe across 380 offices, largely creative, it's their biggest asset and the success of thier $65Billion business hinges on this. 


The solution

We teamed up with the client and worked out a solution that was easy on the eye and not delivered down from 'high command', effectively a non corporate identity.


What we produced

• Creative copywriting.

• Look and feel, full design and art direction.

• Above the line advertising campaign.

• Social media integration.

• Below the line integration.

• Stationery

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